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All the trainings of our Training Center

Unconscious behaviors are a major cause of injury. The goal is to train the workers so that they are able to keep these behaviors under control and manage them in the best possible way. In our Training Center, training always includes a simulation of typical situations where you can encounter dangers.

Virtual reality to train on the field

Furthermore, we give space to new technologies such as Virtual Reality. The UniVRsafe project, created by Immensive and conceived by Michele Poli CEO of Lunaecom, allows immersive training on every type of risk reproduced by the simulator. As in a video game in which to immerse oneself, the worker experiences firsthand the mistakes made, the steps to be taken and those not to be done, making the right strategies their own through play and the immersive experience.

Our trainings


A fundamental training to minimize risk and maximize performance in the use of a platform, mobile crane, earth moving machine or forklift. We accompany the theoretical part with an evaluation of the use of the vehicle by the operator.